Span – Powerful Ammoniated Degreaser & Cleaner

NZSFA approved C38 – Biodegradable

When ‘Spic n Span’ is your goal you need Span!

Span is a highly versatile multipurpose cleaner which may replace a wide range of both general and spe- cialist cleaning products designed to remove grease and oil.

Span is a powerful cleaner which should be the first thought for cleaning any truly dirty surfaces such as the concrete floors, behind the bar, high traffic areas, smoke stains, entrance-ways and restaurant kitchen floors.

Span is a strongly alkaline cleaner boosted with ammonia and solvents to provide exceptional grease cut- ting ability. Span removes smoke deposits from fires and vehicle exhausts easily, to provide benefits for vehicle cleaning and pollution removal.

Span allows water blasting to be a “spray neat Span on then blast dirt off” operation, often without any other form of agitation. No more scrubbing!

The surfactant system in Span is based on natural linear carbon chain lipophiles that match the lipids found in natural oils, fats and waxes. This allows Span to remove fatty and oily food soils more easily, and ensures that Span is free of endocrine disrupting surfactants and suspected carcinogens.

Technical Information

Span is a powerful alkaline cleaner containing over 10 g/L sodium hydroxide, solvents, ammonia, chelat- ing agents , soil suspending silicates and surfactants. Span has a clear water white appearance, pH great- er than 13.0 and has a solids content greater than 14% when measured by refractive index.

SPAN is inhibited against aluminium attack but aluminium should not be soaked in solutions of Span nor should Span be used on zinc, cadmium, anodised or galvanised surfaces. Some painted surfaces may be sensitive to strong solutions of Span – particularly acrylic sign writing on the curtain sides of vehicles.

Span is available in 5L flagons, cartons of 4x5L, 20L carboys, 200L drums, and 1000L IBCs.

Instructions for Use

We recommend you wear gloves, eye protection and protective clothing when handling neat Span and strong solutions of Span to avoid potential burns that can occur upon prolonged contact.

Floors in restaurants can be mopped clean with 60 to 120 ml per 6L of hot water in a bucket.

Polish Stripping: 5.0% (50ml/l) Span in hot water. Scrub then rinse with warm or hot water.

Filter Cleaning: 5.0% (50ml/l) Span in hot water. Rinse off aluminium filters promptly.

Engine, Machinery and Under Bonnet: Use Span at 250ml/l. For example, add 100ml (1/2 cup) to 500 ml spray bottle prefilled with 400ml of cold water. Squirt or brush onto surface, scrub then hose off.

Vehicle surfaces and Alloy Wheels: 1% (10ml/l) Span. Spray or brush on. Hose off promptly. Exhaust, Smoke and Pollution Deposits: 10% (100ml/l) Span in cold or warm water. Rinse promptly.

Concrete cleaning and oil stain removal: use neat Span or 50:50 depending on severity of stain. Brush into the stain, leave at least 1 hour then hose off. Leave on deep stains overnight before hosing off.

Food Contact Surfaces: Use Span at 1.0% (10ml/l) normally, and 2.5% (25ml/l) for heavy duty cleaning. Apply Span with 42 C or hot water at the required dilution and allow it to work for as long as possible. Agi- tate tenacious deposits with a brush. Rinse with hot or 42 C water. Foam Span onto walls and equipment starting from the lowest level. Agitate; then rinse clean.

Safety Information

EYE CONTACT: Flush with cool water for 15 minutes, see doctor.

INGESTION: Do not induce vomiting, drink two glasses of water, call Doctor.

SKIN CONTACT: Flush with cool water until the soapy feeling disappears.

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