Saviour – Dishwasher Detergent

NZFSA Approved C31 – Biodegradable

Saviour is a concentrated, top quality dishwasher liquid with chelating power to prevent spotting and effectively clean kitchen and glassware in both hard and soft water.

Saviour is named from its safe chelating properties that will “save your” dishwasher from premature wear and thus save you from risk of the significant extra cost of machine replacement.

Saviour will remove difficult soils such as lipstick from glassware, crockery and cutlery, then by preventing hardness deposits forming in the dishwasher it can reduce maintenance costs significantly, and allow the ware to dry spotlessly.

Saviour is free of suspected carcinogens, thus the risk of health effects in the long term are eliminated.

Instructions for Use

Saviour is normally used at 0.2% (2ml per litre) but coffee cups may be better cleaned at 0.3% (3ml per litre)

Saviour will remove lipstick from cups and glasses if used at 0.5% (5ml per litre) in a good dishwasher.

Please ask your Ecochem representative to titrate the strength of Savior in the dish- washer then make adjustments as required. Please also allow the Ecochem representa- tive to change containers – the neat liquid is hazardous and must be handled carefully. Always have caps firmly on containers when moving them.


Saviour contains sequestrants, deflocculating agents, peptising agents, soil suspend- ing agents, purple dye, and a minimum of 120 g/l sodium hydroxide.

Saviour is available in 200L, 100L, 20L, 4x5L and 5L containers.

First Aid

EYE CONTACT: Ring ambulance, flush with cool water for 15 minutes or until ambulance arrives.

INGESTION: Do not induce vomiting, drink two glasses of water, call ambulance.

SKIN CONTACT: Flush with cool water until soapy feeling disappears.

NB: Please read the label and SDS for complete health and safety information

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