Pride – Low foam carpet and upholstery shampoo


Pride low foam carpet shampoo concentrate is recommended for use in hot water extraction equipment. It is specifically designed for all wool and wool rich carpets, but will also give good re- sults on all other carpet types.

Pride is also useful for all upholstery cleaning as it will give excellent results with all fabrics and is easily rinsed to eliminate the possibility of an irritating residue.

Pride may also be used as a wool wash detergent for laundry applications.


Pride May be used at a low dilution rate for maximum economy Has a subtle fragrance

Is specially formulated for wool and wool blend carpets Is available in 1000L, 200L, 4x5L and 5L packs


Dilute one part of the shampoo concentrate with 100 parts (1.0%) of hot water. It is preferable to dilute the shampoo in a separate container prior to adding to the machine to allow thorough mix- ing.

After cleaning, ensure the carpet is dry before walking on and vacuum thoroughly to restore pile.

It is desirable to test an unobtrusive area of carpet with the working strength shampoo to ascertain the colourfastness.

Avoid over wetting of carpet.

For pre-spotting dilute one part Pride with 40 parts water. For laundry use 60ml in a 5kg load.


No responsibility can be taken when the shampoo is not used according to the instructions or when damage (such as shrinkage, pile distortion, etc.) results from the type of equipment used.

First Aid

SKIN: Rinse off with cool water as soon as possible.

EYES: Flush with cool water for 15 minutes. Visit doctor if the eye is irritated.

INGESTION: Do not induce vomiting. Drink 2 glasses water then call doctor.

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