Presoak Detergent Destainer – MAF Approved C31 – Biodegradable

Pizzazz is based on oxygen bleach and sophisticated enzyme technology to provide safe, odourless, and highly environmentally acceptable food stain removal technology for the modern kitchen or laundry.

Pizzazz now incorporates new catalyst technology to perform at lower temperatures, and faster than be- fore.

Pizzazz is effective as both a pre-soak, sanitiser and a destainer at low concentrations to provide eco- nomical solutions for achieving sparkling results when pre-soaking cutlery and destaining coffee jugs, tea- pots, cups, mugs, nip pourers, jugs and glasses.

Pizzazz is readily soluble, free-rinsing, and because of it’s mildly alkaline nature is non-corrosive when used as a cleaner in food display and preparation areas.

Pizzazz is useful in laundry applications both in stain removing soaks and when added to hot washes to provide safe bleaching.


Pizzazz may be used as a presoak/cleaner, to remove protein deposits from cups, glasses, coffee jugs, teapots, nip pourers, refrigerators, and beer drains, jugs, and glasses, at 10g per litre.

When using Pizzazz as a pre-soak for cutlery use a small plastic container and replace the soak solution with fresh 10g/l Pizzazz periodically through the day.

Pizzazz may be used as a cleaner for hard surface applications at 10g per 1 litre (1.0%), which provides good foamy detergency with the cutting action of the enzymes and the sanitising ability of peroxyacetate.

Laundry soaking, for stained cloth or nappies requires a 5g/l solution. For example, to soak 6 nappies or tea towels, take 35g (2 rounded dessertspoons) of Pizzazz. Dissolve it in 7 l of warm water in a 10l bucket then soak for a minimum of 2 hours.

NOTE: Gloves should be worn, particularly with sensitive skin, when handling Pizzazz powder and dilute solutions of Pizzazz. Eye protection should be provided for operators spraying Pizzazz.


Pizzazz is a white powder with nil odour, containing a minimum of 3% available oxygen. The enzyme sys- tem comprises of three types of enzymes: a protease for digesting protein, amylase for starches and lipase for fats, plus deflocculants, surfactants, and a catalytic system to activate the oxygen bleach at lower tem- peratures.

Pizzazz is supplied in 18 kg, 9 4 x 3.5 kg and 3.5kg pails.

First Aid

INGESTION: Do not induce vomiting, drink two glasses of water or milk. Call Doctor.

EYE CONTACT: Rinse with cool water and continue rinsing for 15 minutes. Call Doctor.

SKIN CONTACT: Rinse thoroughly with cool water.

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