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ZERO is designed for safe and easy cleaning of all food based premises to maintain the highest hygiene standards.

The surfactant system in ZERO is based on linear carbon chain lipophiles which match the lipids fund in natural oils, fats and waxes. This allows ZERO to remove fatty and oily food soils more easily.

Proteinacious and starch based soils are removed due to ZERO’s unusually high level of deflocculating and peptising agents.

Sanitising is achieved with a 5% true quaternary content, plus 2.5% amphoteric surfactant that becomes a quaternary as pH lowers when rinsed, and a peptising system, all of which combined enable ZERO to kill both gram negative and gram positive bacteria, and viruses. ZERO achieves better hygiene results by working over a longer contact time when compared with conventional technology.

Safety is achieved by using predominantly organic components. ZERO carries warning symbols in the neat form due to the high quaternary content but these hazards are eliminated when diluted for use.

Long term health effects are eliminated by the use of surfactants with proven safety profiles. ZERO is free of endocrine disrupting surfactants and suspected carcinogens.

ZERO is available in 5L, cartons of 4 x 5L, 20L carboys, 200L drums, and 1000L IBCs.


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