Span – Ammoniated Heavy Duty Detergent


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When ‘Spic n Span’ is your goal you need Span!

Span is a highly versatile multipurpose cleaner which may replace a wide range of both general and specialist cleaning products designed to remove grease and oil.

Span is a powerful cleaner which should be the first thought for cleaning any truly dirty surfaces such as the concrete floors, behind the bar, high traffic areas, smoke stains, entrance-ways and restaurant kitchen floors.

Span is a strongly alkaline cleaner boosted with ammonia and solvents to provide exceptional grease cutting ability. Span removes smoke deposits from fires and vehicle exhausts easily, to provide benefits for vehicle cleaning and pollution removal.

Span allows water blasting to be a “spray neat Span on then blast dirt off” operation, often without any other form of agitation. No more scrubbing!

The surfactant system in Span is based on natural linear carbon chain lipophiles that match the lipids found in natural oils, fats and waxes. This allows Span to remove fatty and oily food soils more easily, and ensures that Span is free of endocrine disrupting surfactants and suspected carcinogens.


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