Sodium Hydroxide Food Grade = Lye for Baking


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SODIUM HYDROXIDE, also known as caustic soda, white caustic, and lye, is a strong base commonly used in food processing, such as in curing olives. It is also used to remove the skins of fruits and vegetables to be canned. SODIUM HYDROXIDE is applied to the surface of pretzels giving them their characteristic colour and flavour.

SODIUM HYDROXIDE can be diluted and used in many varieties of Chinese noodles. The addition of lye causes the noodles to be yellow and chewier than regular wheat noodles. Lye water is frequently used as a substitute for eggs.

Food grade SODIUM HYDROXIDE is used for pH control in food products and for dipping bread dough to make pretzels and other German style breads. Also can be used to clean drains and baked deposits from ovens, grills, hotplates, hoods and other hard surfaces.

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