Revive – Cleaner Sanitiser Gloss Deodouriser


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Revive is a broad spectrum cleaner-sanitiser capable of removing most soil types easily from walls, floors, benches, bowls and painted surfaces in front of house; in housekeeping; and in bathrooms.

Revive’s natural pine and orange oil content provides gloss and pleasant odour control, and good broad spectrum bactericidal activity effectively manages health risks.

Revive is a low cost yet high value solution. Revive is concentrated to allow economical dilution yet it’s totally organic formulation means no rinsing is required. . Made up at 5% for normal spray wipe is very economical – 100 spray bottles per 5L. When used for mopping floors Revive is usually made up at 10ml per litre.

Revive is effective in hot and cold water, in hard water, and is sufficiently low foaming to be used with automatic scrubbing equipment

Revive contains non-ionic surfactants, solvents, pine oil, orange oil, chelating agents, penetrants, reodourants, and over 0.5% alkyl benzyl dimethyl ammonium chloride in a totally organic formulation. REVIVE is free of endocrine disrupting surfactants and suspected carcinogens.

Revive is available in 5L, cartons of 4 x 5L, 20L carboys, 200L drums, and 1000L IBCs


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