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RESHINE PROTECTANT and POLISH protects all synthetic surfaces such as vinyl, rubber, plastic, finished leather (not suede), furniture, and sealed wood from the damaging effects of UV light and oxidation.

RESHINE penetrates deep into the surface then chemically binds with sites of damage. The treated surface is durable, repels static and dirt, and provides lasting beauty and protection.

RESHINE may be used to preserve and polish vehicle dashboards, interiors, tyres, vinyl roofs, spoilers and trim.

RESHINE may be used as a general purpose polish for all sealed woodwork and painted surfaces normally found in homes, offices, boats, and general industry.

RESHINE is a premium product intended to provide top quality protection over a long period. Sometimes this level of protection is not required or cleaning is performed on a regular basis. In this instance RESHINE may be diluted to provide an economical product for more regular maintenance.



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