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Both POTASSIUM HYDROXIDE and sodium hydroxide are able to cure olives in a process called lye-curing. Olives undergo a series of baths in a lye solution where the olives slowly cure from the outside inwards. This is followed by bubbling oxygen through the olives to oxygenate them.

POTASSIU HYDROXIDE is used in fruit processing plants, where it is used to wash the fruits. It is also used as a component in chemical peeling for both fruits and vegetables.

POTASSIUM HYRDOXIDE is a thickener and stabiliser, where it extends the shelf life of the food. This is great for the production of ice cream and other liquid based products.

POTASSIUM HYDROXIDE is an alkaline salt used to darken cocoa powder. This eliminates the need to use iron salts, which cause environmental and health issues during production.

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