Pizzazz – Oxygen Bleach & Destainer


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PIZZAZZ is based on oxygen bleach and sophisticated enzyme technology to provide safe, odourless, and highly environmentally acceptable food stain removal technology for the modern kitchen or laundry.

Pizzazz now incorporates new catalyst technology to perform at lower temperatures, and faster than before.

Pizzazz is effective as both a pre-soak, sanitiser and a destainer at low concentrations to provide economical solutions for achieving sparkling results when pre-soaking cutlery and destaining coffee jugs, teapots, cups, mugs, nip pourers, jugs and glasses.

Pizzazz is readily soluble, free-rinsing, and because of it’s mildly alkaline nature is non-corrosive when used as a cleaner in food display and preparation areas.

Pizzazz is useful in laundry applications both in stain removing soaks and when added to hot washes to provide safe bleaching.


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