Meths WP – Clear Pure Methylated Spirits


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Methylated Spirits WP = Pharmaceutical Grade Ethanol Denatured with 2% Methanol, clear and pure, containing no dye and negligble fusil oil and aldehydes. It possesses a low boiling point, a high rate of evaporation, and high solvent power.

Meths WP finds applications in paints and lacquers, adhesives, nail polish and nail polish remover, fuel, electronics cleaning and dewatering, and as a clean-up solvent for fibreglassing.

Meths WP can be used as a cleaning agent, where its fast evaporation speeds up the process and often prevents the need to clean the surface afterwards (though rinses with potable water are still necessary before use in food production areas). This fast evaporation lends itself useful in sanding wood, as it helps draw dust and shavings out from between the grains leaving a visibly cleaner product than could be achieved with water.


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