Malic Acid


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MALIC ACID, is an organic acid found in many fruits. It can be used as a processing aid, and flavouring agent, and is known for its antimicrobial properties.

MALIC ACID is used in many beverages and essences as a replacement for citric acid. This is due to a number of factors, namely the acidic taste can be achieved using less malic acid than would be needed with citric acid. It also has a lower melting point so can be used in hard candies more easily.

MALIC ACID is a safe way to aid the preservation of fruits and vegetables, in both fresh and canned processes. By reducing the acidity of the produce below a pH of 5, only a mild heat treatment is necessary. The decreased pH also prevents the growth of yeasts and some bacteria.

In cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, MAILC ACID can be added to mask smells and tastes of other ingredients.

MALIC ACID can be used as a safe, biodegradable means of pickling or descaling industry equipment. This is a great replacement for other inorganic acids, as MALIC ACID is neither toxic nor corrosive so it can be used in food processing machinery. This helps protect the equipment from corrosion.


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