Hydrochloric Acid Concentrated 23%-24.9% w/w


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HYDROCHLORIC ACID is a powerful acid used across all industries. Due to its very low pH, HYDROCHLORIC ACID is frequently used to control the pH of solutions, such as in water treatment, food production, and pharmaceuticals.

HYDROCHLORIC ACID’s main usage is in the pickling of steel, where rust and scale are removed off of the metal with diluted solution of hydrochloric acid. This leaves the metal clean and shiny, allowing it to be processed further.

HYDROCHLORIC ACID is used for brick cleaning, where mortar stains can be removed within a few hours of the bricks being laid. This leaves the bricks with a cleaner, shaper finish. Another important use for HYDROCHLORIC ACID in building, is for concrete etching. The acid corrodes the surface of the concrete leaving a highly textured surface on which finishes such as epoxy can be laid. This is particularly useful on concretes that are smooth or non porous, otherwise the finish would not adhere to the surface.

HYDROCHLORIC ACID can also be used to regenerate ion exchangers. By flushing the acid through the resin bed the cations become detached from the surface of the resin.

Please note: HYDROCHLORIC ACID can only be supplied to HSNO Compliant Workplaces, it is not available for members of the public to purchase.  EPA requires Ecochem to receive written notification that a competent person at the workplace will accept responsibility for the substance before supply.


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