Ecobright – Laundry Powder


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Ecocbright is a concentrated, compact, and fully soluble laundry powder to provide top performance washing with maximum economy.

Ecocbright is effective in both hot and cold water, suitable for all automatic and agitator machines, domestic and commercial, batch and tunnel. Its most outstanding benefit is its capability of making highly economical stock solutions for automatic liquid dose systems.

Ecocbright contains protease enzymes to remove food, grass, blood and most flavoured drink stains either in the wash or upon soaking. It is safe for use with cottons, poly-cottons, and synthetics when used according to the garment manufacturer’s recommendations.

Ecocbright is packed in an innovative pail with a screw-off/screw-on lid that is locked in place with a tab that is pushed to allow release, to facilitate easy opening and closing.

Ecocbright pails stack in such a manner that they don’t lock together and scuff the label, thus there is less waste when they are re-used. Re-using the pail enables us to claim maximum environmental benefit.



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