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COMFY is a very effective de-odouriser and fabric softener with sanitising properties.

The softening effect imparted to fabric is described as fluffy, dry, non-greasy and static free.

Towels treated with COMFY have excellent water absorbency even after multiple laundry cycles.

COMFY reduces drying times by lubricating fibres to allow them to untangle thus making drying easier and quicker.

COMFY reduces static cling, improves fabric feel and smell, thus giving the end user a satisfying impression of quality.

COMFY’s odour masking perfume is of particular use when garments and linen that are prone to smells are laundered, both to the launderer and the end user.

COMFY is very suitable for cold rinse processes, there is no requirement for heat in the last rinse unless it is a special condition of the fabric that is laundered.


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