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Food Grade Acetic Acid

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Acetic acid is an organic acid available in various standard strengths. Pure acetic acid is known as Acetic Acid Glacial because it will freeze at moderate temperatures (16.6C). While this is usually the least expensive way of purchasing acetic acid we find that more dilute grades such as 90% are more in demand to eliminate most of the solidification problems.

Flammability is another issue affecting purchasing decisions with acetic acid. Both Acetic Acid Glacial and Acetic Acid 90% have flash points lower than 61C and thus are classified as flammable.

We produce Acetic Acid 79.5% to allow the legal use of acetic without going to the expense of constructing facilities for the flammable grades. Another bonus with Acetic Acid 79.5% is that it will not freeze even on the coldest day in winter.

The final issue affecting acetic acid decisions is that of food grade versus technical grade. We ensure all the acetic acid we purchase is 79.9% food grade so that is safe to use in all food premises.


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