Move It – Oven, grill & heavy duty cleaner

NZFSA Approved C31 – Biodegradable

Use Move It as directed and your toughest cleaning tasks will be completed with ease!

Move It removes baked on residues from ovens, grills, hoods, and fryers, plus will do many other jobs that require a super heavy duty cleaner.

Move It is safe to use on mild steel, stainless steel, vitreous enamel, iron, nickel, chrome, and glass without the risk of chemical attack.

Move It works by effortlessly locking onto rust, dirt, and grime when a surface is heated, then pulls off all loosened soil with the rinse water.


CAUTION: Contains over 250 g/L sodium hydroxide: wear gloves, eye protection, and protective clothing where there is a risk of skin contact.

Preheat the surface to about 95C for quickest results. Spray or pour Move It onto the preheated surface. Allow one or two minutes to work, then scrape off residue with a spatula. Rinse with water or dilute vinegar after scraping. Repeat if necessary.

Test before use on brass, tin, copper, galvanised and painted surfaces – painted surfaces are best tested at a 10% dilution. DO NOT use on aluminium surfaces.


Move It contains over 250 g/L sodium hydroxide, wetting and emulsifying agents, plus powerful sequestrants and chelating agents.

Move It has a clear pale beige appearance and a density of at least 1.22 kg/l. Move It is available in 200 litre drums, 20 litre cubes plus 4x5L and 5L packs.

First Aid

SKIN CONTACT: Rinse with copious cool water until skin no longer feels soapy.

EYE CONTACT: Rinse immediately with cool water. Call Ambulance. Continue rinsing or use eyebath for 15 minutes or until the Ambulance arrives.

INGESTION: Summon Doctor immediately. Drink large amounts of water, milk or fruit juice. Do not induce vomiting.

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