Impress – Cleaner & Sanitiser

NZFSA Approved C38 & C41 – Biodegradable

Impress is designed for safe and easy cleaning of all food based premises to maintain the highest hygiene standards.

The surfactant system in Impress is based on linear carbon chain lipophiles which match the lipids fund in natural oils, fats and waxes. This allows Impress to remove fatty and oily food soils more easily.

Proteinacious and starch based soils are removed due to Impress’s unusually high level of deflocculating and peptising agents.

Sanitising is achieved with a 5% true quaternary content, plus 2.5% amphoteric surfactant that becomes a quaternary as pH lowers when rinsed, and a superb peptising system, which combine to enable Impress to kill both gram negative and gram positive bacteria, and viruses.

Impress achieves better hygiene results by working as it is rinsed away and over a broader pH range to give a longer effective contact time compared with conventional technology.

Safety is achieved by using predominantly organic components. Impress carries warning symbols in the neat form due to the high quaternary content but these hazards are eliminated when diluted for use.

Long term health effects are eliminated by the use of surfactants with proven safety profiles. Impress is free of endocrine disrupting surfactants and suspected carcinogens.

Impress is available in 5L, cartons of 4 x 5L, 20L carboys, 200L drums, and 1000L IBCs.

Instructions for Use

Impress is an effective cleaner and highly effective sanitiser when foamed onto surfaces at 1.0% (10ml per litre) cold, and will clean even better when used in tub or from bucket of hot water.

Foam Impress onto walls and equipment starting from the lowest level. Agitate; then allow up to 5 minutes contact to completely sanitise before rinsing.

Impress at 1.0% in tubs may be used to sanitise and store brushes, scourers, knives and other small items.

Impress may be foamed onto surfaces as a highly effective sanitiser at the end of clean-down, then rinsed from surfaces immediately before processing the next day.

Safety Information

EYE CONTACT: Flush with cool water for 15 minutes, see doctor.

INGESTION: Do not induce vomiting, drink two glasses of water, call Doctor.

SKIN CONTACT: Flush with cool water.

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