How to clean LCD Screens and other shiny plastic surfaces

AIM: to clean the surface without scratching or leaving a smeary residue

It essential that a soft cloth or soft microfiber cloth is used as paper towels will scratch.

Dirt on a soft cloth will also scratch, and even some laundry powders leave a residue that may scratch or smear thus we suggest polishing cloths are laundered with FRESHEN which is a gentle organic liquid laundry detergent.

When polishing cloths are dried outside they may collect dust which may be scratchy so best to dry them inside, and store them in a clean plastic bag or container.

Spray the LCD screen with VISION then wipe clean with soft cloth.

Turn the cloth over to polish the LCD screen again with a fresh clean surface. Is the LCD screen perfectly clean?

If not then repeat the cleaning process with another fresh clean soft cloth.

NB: This technique must be modified if the surface to be cleaned is part of a mains = 230 volt powered device. In this instance spray VISION onto the cloth, then clean and polish as above.t

VISION is also supplied in bulk 200 litre drums as LCD CLEANER for those who wish to repack into small retail packs, however for most other applications the 5 litre packs of VISION are very economic

VISION contains ammonia, alcohols, surfactants, solvents and food grade blue dye. VISION may be sprayed through any conventional spray bottle.

VISION is Agriquality approved for windows in food areas of food/beverage/dairy factories, non-contact, reference H1400.

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