Greenshine – Powerful Truckwash with Gloss

Safe for use on Auminium – Biodegradable

Greenshine is a powerful foaming cleaner designed to remove road grime both painted and aluminium vehicles and leave a shiny finish.

Greenshine’s highly active cleaning power allows for fast results in commercial situations where time is at a premium and good appearance is a must.

Greenshine rinses without streaking and may be used with manual or automatic systems.

Greenshine has an organic polish system to maintain gloss. Greenshine is silicone free.


Use in cold water for spray or foam applications, warm water may be more comfortable for manual cleaning. A hot water blast removal will provide outstanding results.


BUCKET AND BRUSH2.5% 1:40 25ml/litre
PRESSURE SPRAY2.5% 1:40 25ml/litre
FOAM SYSTEMS2.5% 1:40 25ml/litre

Agitate or scrub the surface to remove stubborn deposits.

All rinse water containing Greenshine and removed soiling must be disposed of through a treat- ed water system (e.g. sewer) not the stormwater system. Note that while Greenshine is biode- gradable and environmentally friendly the deposits washed off a vehicle may be harmful: asbestos brake lining dust, oils, and other deposits may be harmful to the environment and may need spe- cial treatment even before putting down a sewer. Consult local regulations before putting a vehi- cle washing facility in place.


Greenshine contains powerful alkali systems inhibited against aluminium attack, plus a unique surfactant mix to provide foam and cleaning, and chelating agents, blue dye. Greenshine does not contain any silicone based components.

Greenshine may be identified by its translucent green appearance and pH between 12 and 13. Greenshine is available in 1000 litre, 200 litre and 20 litre quantities.

First Aid

EYE CONTACT: Flush with cool water for 15 minutes, see doctor.

INGESTION: Do not induce vomiting, drink two glasses of water, call Doctor.

SKIN CONTACT: Flush with cool water until the soapy feeling disappears.

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