Freshen – Laundry Detergent with softener for all fabrics


Freshen is designed to clean effectively at all temperatures and provide a more thorough softening action than rinse cycle conditioners.

Freshen imparts a fluffy, dry, non-yellowing handle to all fabrics.

Goods laundered in Freshen easy to iron, have shorter drying times and possess excellent water absorbency even after repeated washings.

Freshen also sanitises! This is important if loads are left for some time before drying as mould or mildew growth will be inhibited.


Freshen may be used on woollens below 40C with gentle agitation, cottons and synthetics at all temperatures. With cool washes allow longer cycle times for better cleaning.

COMMERCIAL: Use 1 litre per 100 kg for all fabrics for normal loads 7.5kg machines use 75ml for normal soiling and 150ml for heavy duty washes.

DOMESTIC: Use 1/4 cup (50ml) per 5.0 kg wash for normal soiling Heavy duty washes may need 100ml per 5kg load


Freshen contains nonionics, gentle alkali, sequestrants, deflocculents, anti- redeposition agents, fresh perfume, and quaternary softeners.

Freshen has a hazy pink appearance, with pH 11.3 + 0.2 in the concentrate dropping to about pH 9.8 at 1% dilution.

Freshen is available in 200L, 20L, 4X5L, and 5L quantities.

First Aid

EYE CONTACT: Flush immediately with cool water.

INGESTION: Do not induce vomiting, drink two glasses of milk, water or fruit juice then call physician.

SKIN: Rinse from skin.

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