Buy Healthy Chemicals from the Greenest Chemical Manufacturer in Christchurch!

Buy from a leading cleaning product supplier that puts your health first! Many chemical suppliers are supplying legacy products that may cause significant health issues, and often poor cleaning performance.

Ecochem offers a fresh approach and is certified to the ISO14001 Environmental Management System Standard

All of Ecochem’s products were designed this century, in Christchurch, with best available modern raw materials, and with full knowledge of modern health, safety and environmental legislation.

Ecochem offers products with premium cleaning performance at modest cost.
Ecochem’s products eliminate insidious long term negative health effects.
Ecochem aims to be seen as eco active and very good value.
Ecochem aims to reduce your costs and reduce clutter in your workplace.
Ecochem will replenish supplies ASAP, and pick up empty packaging on a regular basis in the Christchurch area.
All prices include local delivery in the Christchurch area; there are no hidden costs. NB: When products are needed outside the Christchurch area a freight or courier charge will be made to recover extra costs.
Packaging is re-used or recycled to lower cost to our customers and provide local employment.
Local ownership by a qualified chemist ensures quick and accurate technical response.

Ecochem has a reputation as a leading cleaning product supplier.  We eliminate all of the known major chemical hazards which are still in many legacy detergent products. See below for some key examples:


All our products are free of chlorine. Chlorine creates persistent dioxin residues, corrodes dishwashers, makes dishwasher electrics unreliable, plus pits Ceramics and metal items to make them more liable to stain and harder to clean. Ecochem’s products are designed to eliminate the need for chlorine.


Researchers in England have found that in trace amounts nonylphenol activates oestrogen receptors in cells, which in turn alter the activity of certain genes. For example, in experiments it has been found to stimulate the growth of breast cancer cells; will feminize male fish and is suspected to feminize men. Because it can penetrate skin this is a potentially tragic hazard we strongly urge you to eliminate it from the workplace.


Also known as formaldehyde, this was regarded as safe forty years ago but is now known to cause cancer. Many pink hand soaps and pot washing detergents are still preserved with formaldehyde. Ecochem’s products are free of formaldehyde.


Sodium Nitriloacetate (CAS 139-13-9) has been classified as 6.7B by ERMA thus has been obliged to carry the warning Suspected of Causing Cancer on the labels since July 2008. Ecochem’s products are free of suspected carcinogens.


Methylated Spirits may contain Bitrex, and does contain fusil oils and aldehydes, all of which are unpleasant to taste and smell. Ecochem offers METHS WP which is colourless and free of unpleasant odours as it is comprised of food grade alcohol denatured with methanol.

Buying from a Christchurch owned and operated chemical manufacturer strengthens our local economy.

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