Alcohol based hand & surface sanitiser NZFSA approved C54 Biodegradable

Certain provides a sterile rinse to hygienically dry hands after washing.

Certain contains alcohol and a water based moisturiser to achieve good performance with optimum operator safety.

Certain’s sterilising action is based on a high (70% approx.) alcohol content which is very effective even with contact times as low as 5 seconds.

Certain is also a fast and effective sanitiser for hard surfaces where nil residue is required


Hands must be washed before the application of Certain.

Spray or squirt enough (about 10ml) Certain onto hands to thoroughly wet and lubricate, rub all over then allow to evaporate.

Once hands are dry the operator may return to processing without further rinsing.

Care must be taken when installing a Certain dispenser – it must be a fixed, metered type of dispenser located a sufficient distance from the processing line to prevent product contamination.

Certain may also be used for sanitising surfaces such as benches, containers, instruments, etc.

After the instrument has been cleaned then rinsed, shake off the excess water, immerse in Certain for 30 seconds, then remove and allow to evaporate before use.

N.B: Certain is highly flammable. It must be stored and used away from ignition sources.


Certain is a clear blue coloured liquid with a characteristic ethanol odour containing about 70% v/v alcohol plus moisturiser and food colouring and is available in 5 litre and 4×5 litre packs.

Certain may be dispensed from most refillable dispensers but as an alternative we can supply a durable Italian made dispenser for $65.60 plus GST.

First Aid

INGESTION: Do not induce vomiting, drink two glasses of water or milk. Call doctor.

EYE CONTACT: Rinse with cool water and continue rinsing for 15 minutes.

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