Ammonia 910

Ammonia 910

Ammonium Hydroxide Solution

Ammonia 910 (also known as aqua ammonia, ammonium hydrate, and ammonium hydroxide solution) is a clear, highly concentrated solution of ammonia gas in water with a strong odour.

Ammonia 910 is used in photography, soap manufacture, pharmaceuticals, lubricants, detergents, household cleaning, and food manufacture.


Use in a well ventilated area or use gas absorbing mask designed for Ammonia.

Wear gloves, eye protection, overalls and boots when there is any risk of personal contact.

When using for cleaning simply add Ammonia 910 to water containing a neutral, non chlorinated detergent such as Citrodet or Surfax. For windows use a very small amount of detergent with 200 ml of Ammonia 910 in 10 L of water.


Ammonia 910 has a density of about 0.910 Kg/L, a clear, water-white appearance and a strong sharp odour.

Typical Specification

Density0.910 + 0.003 @ 15 C
Arsenic< 1.0 ppm
Heavy Metals< 5.0 ppm
Non Volatiles< 0.05%
Copper< 5.0 ppm
Iron< 10 ppm

First Aid

SKIN: Immediately wash with water. Remove contaminated clothing.

EYES: Immediately wash with cool running water, keep washing for 15 minutes.

INGESTION: Do not induce vomiting. Drink two glasses of milk or water. Call doctor.

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