All Go

All Go

Dosed Liquid Laundry Builder – NZFSA Approved – C33

All Go provides high performance alkalinity for liquid dosed laundry systems.

All Go is effective at low temperatures to allow for energy conserving cold or warm wash cycles moreover All Go’s concentrated solvent-free formulation enhances the ability of All Go to be reliably dosed and thus minimise wastage.

All Go’s powerful chelating ability is effective in the wash and at rinse pH ranges to ensure metallic contaminants are removed from the work during rinse cycles. Complete removal of chelated contaminants maintains original colours longer and minimises yellowing.


Ensure all dosing lines are clean before placing into All Go containers – rinse thoroughly with water if lines are contaminated with other chemicals, dirt or crystals.

All Go is highly corrosive to skin and eyes: protect from potential splashes with gloves, clothing and eye protection.

Place suction lines through a close fitting hole drilled in a cap – the fit should be tight enough to prevent contamination but must allow some air in so that a vacuum cannot be created as product is pumped out. Ensure the suction line is held, preferably with PVC conduit, to the bottom of the container.

The following formulae give good results with 100 kg loads:

HOTEL LINENWash 1300ml DYNAMIC 260ml All Go
Wash 2300ml DYNAMIC 260ml All Go
MEDIUM SOILWash 1600ml DYNAMIC 260ml All Go
Wash 2300ml DYNAMIC 530ml All Go
Wash 1600ml DYNAMIC 1600ml All Go
Wash 2600ml DYNAMIC 1060ml All Go


All Go is a clear water white liquid containing over 280g/l sodium hydroxide plus chelating agents and water.

All Go’s pH is greater than 12 with a density of over 1.28kg/l.

All Go is available in 20 litre cubes, 200 litre drums, and 1000 litre tanks.

First Aid

INGESTION: Do not induce vomiting, drink two glasses of water or milk. Call ambulance.

EYE CONTACT: Rinse with cool water and continue rinsing for 15 minutes. Call ambulance.

SKIN CONTACT: Rinse with cool water until soapy feel is gone.

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